Windham Bay, Alaska


The Trust completed its first acquisition in Alaska in 2017, working closely with the US Forest Service and partners like the SE Alaska Land Trust.

Chuck River Wilderness

 Juneau Recording District (US Forest Service)

154.46 acres purchased

Located at the head of Windham Bay approximately 70 miles southeast of Juneau, this small Wilderness is adjacent to the Tracy Arm Fords Terror Wilderness. The Chuck River flows from its headwaters near Port Houghton northward through dense riparian forest with thick vegetation before emptying into Windham Bay where the historic Chuck Mining Camp once operated. There is private land in the lower river and in portions of the bay where there was once a small settlement. Windham Bay is a protected anchorage for boaters using Stephens Passage. Elevations range from sea level to about 5,000 feet on the eastern boundary. The Chuck River is a major producer of salmon, especially pink salmon. Black bears, wolves and mountain goats are known to live in the forested mountains. There are no trails along the Chuck River that remain open for travel.

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“If the Wilderness Land Trust didn't exist someone would have to invent it, because expanding and connecting wilderness areas is about the best service anyone can perform for the wild.  Given the unregulated proliferation of drilling, roading and poaching on most BLM and Forest Service lands, and with the juggernaut of climate change upon us, WLT is about as good as it gets.  Thank goodness for WLT.”


Michael Soulé


Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz. Grandfather of Conservation Biology