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Napa Area Wilderness Permanently Protected

Napa Area Wilderness Permanently Protected

Feb. 28, 2017

Just east of Napa Valley wine country, you recently helped the Wilderness Land Trust make one more Wilderness Area complete!  The Trust's purchase and transfer of the last remaining private property in the Cedar Roughs Wilderness Area, makes this 6,287-acre Wilderness finally secure from development. Fully protected by the Wilderness Act, all of the Cedar Roughs Wilderness Area now belongs to you, for all the values wilderness provides.


Your newest addition to wilderness provides a refuge for wild California. It protects the rare and majestic Sargent cypress, erroneously called "cedar" by early pioneers, and Napa County's last wild black bear population. 


Together with project partners, 587 additional acres in and around Cedar Roughs now enjoy protection and provide a secure wilderness corridor to the Smittle Creek Recreation Area. Now with year-round access to the wilderness secured, great hiking and outdoor enjoyment await!


Many thanks to project partners, the Land Trust of Napa County, Napa County Regional Park and Open Space and Tuleyome, and to WLT donors like you.

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