Kingston Range Wilderness Completed

Kingston Range Wilderness Completed

Mar. 03, 2011

The Kingston Range Wilderness was dedicated in 1994.  Last week we completed it!


The Trust sold the last two remaining private parcels within the Kingston Range Wilderness to the BLM.  After years of work and support we have now kept the promise of wilderness that those who designated the Kingston Range worked so hard to create. 


The 1,240 acres of land we transferred into the wilderness were acquired from two owners eyeing remote development surrounded by protected wilderness.  No more.  The rare wilderness qualities of the Kingston Range are now secured for all of us – forever.


Rare in the southern California desert, the Kingston Range rises to 7,323, feet at the top of Mount Kingston.  The wilderness is botanically one of the most diverse areas within the California Desert. Botanists have identified 505 native plant species and 32 are viewed as endangered, rare, or limited in distribution. The only stand of giant Nolina (Desert Spoon) in the eastern Mojave Desert is found in Kingston Range and one of only three relic stands of white fir trees in the desert clings to its slopes. 


From dense bird populations to rare banded Gila monsters, this unique transition between the Great Basin and the Mojave Desert is now protected and complete – as promised.

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