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Selling Your Land

We buy wilderness property outright from willing sellers who wish to see their land protected.


We buy land in and adjacent to designated wilderness areas and in areas proposed for wilderness designation. We actively work in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. 


How we can help:
As a private, nonprofit organization we are able to act quickly to purchase land with a minimum of red tape. You’ll find our professional staff is responsive to your needs. Our team can help resolve complicated real estate issues such as boundary, title, and access matters. We work with local appraisers, lawyers, contractors and real estate agents. We provide environmental, political and fundraising expertise.


Working with The Wilderness Land Trust:


  • You are assured confidentiality.
  • You will receive fair market value for your property based on a certified, independent appraisal.
  • By donating a portion of the value of your property you may be eligible to receive tax benefits.
  • Closing can occur quickly.
  • You are assured that your land will remain forever wild.


If you are a landowner, please contact us to talk with someone from the Wilderness Land Trust about your land.






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 "Easy to work with."

-Landowner in ID


"Very professional."

-Landowner in NV


"Very Satisfying. This was a big job to put together - so many people involved."

-Landowner in WA