Iris, Nevada

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Financial Information

At The Wilderness Land Trust, we pride ourselves on being financially sound and efficient.  We are a small outfit, committed to keeping our operating costs low so that we can put our resources where they can have the greatest impact—buying land.

Our Annual Report and Financial Statements are our way of letting you know how we’re doing, what your support is making possible, and our achievements. But these reports can’t tell the whole story. We measure our success in wilderness areas protected. But much of our work takes place behind the scenes and often takes years to complete. Our work with landowners, public agencies, conservation coalitions and elected officials can’t be fully captured in a financial statement or even in the growing list of wilderness areas we’ve protected.

At any given time The Wilderness Land Trust is involved in dozens of projects across the West, shepherding them toward the completion.  We owe our success over 24 years to patience, hard work, partnerships and the hundreds of supporters who make our work possible.

Our accreditation by the Land Trust Alliance is testimony to our commitment to the highest standards of excellence in conservation practices.






Our audited financial statement and 990's are available upon request. Please contact









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Bobcats, Nevada

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“The richest values of wilderness lie not in the days of Daniel Boone, nor even in the present, but rather in the future”


Aldo Leopold