Spectacular Canyon Largo


Thanks to YOU, the Sabinoso Wilderness in New Mexico is UNLOCKED!


Sixteen miles of high desert canyon supporting mountain lion, black bear, and New Mexico dahl sheep.  Year-round green meadows and towering cottonwoods. Water-worn rocks perfect for a picnic with family and friends. 


And until recently, one locked gate.


“We’ve been working on creating access to the Sabinoso Wilderness since it was proposed for designation,” said Brad Borst, President of The Wilderness Land Trust.  The Sabinoso Wilderness, created by Congress in 2009 is a rugged stretch of backcountry east of Las Vegas, New Mexico and it is home to a wide range of native plants and animal species.


After years of negotiation with the owner of the Rimrock Rose Ranch, The Wilderness Land Trust purchased the 4,176-acre property adjacent to the Sabinoso Wilderness in 2015.  The headwaters of the Canadian River runs through the property and it includes the remote and beautiful Canyon Largo.


What followed was thousands of hours of hard work to fencing, stock tanks and old structures to get a majority of the property, approximately 3,500 acres total, ready to donate to the Bureau of Land Management.  This effort involved many generous partners, bringing to fruition our vision of unlocking the Sabinoso Wilderness now and for future generations.



Our sincere gratitude to the Wyss Foundation for their vital role in the success of this project, as well as all who generously donated their time, expertise and financial support. 



Thank you for your generous support of this project!








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