Campers at Redwood Adventure Camp, 2013



Wilderness: The Next Generation


May 2013


The Elkhorn Ridge Wilderness, 180 miles north of San Francisco, was finally designated as wilderness in 2011 after years of work to make this recreation and resource conservation area available for public use.  The Wilderness Land Trust acquired 11 private properties to help make this happen, the last of which was the Redwood Adventure Camp 40-acre property on the north edge of the wilderness, which provides access to the wilderness just a half mile off of Highway 101. 


The Catholic Church had owned the property for over 50 years, and had decided to sell, throwing the tradition and future of Redwood Adventure Camp —a wilderness youth camp for children on the site since 1963—into doubt. The Trust’s purchase preserves the camp experience that is three generations deep, protects endangered steelhead trout habitat, and adds convenient access point to the Elkhorn Ridge Wilderness for non-motorized boaters, hikers and equestrians. 


The Trust has always turned over lands we acquire to the Federal Government for inclusion in the designated wilderness.  But here, we want to work with the Bureau of Land Management to ensure that this land can continue to be used as a camp and provide access to the wilderness it abuts. 


The Trust is currently seeking funds to complete our land transaction with the Federal Government. Our estimates are that the three year process of negotiating the transfer of this property to the United States, and working through the planning process to protect public access and ensure that wilderness education can continue on this site, will require an investment by the Trust of $78,000. If you would like contribute to this project, please consider making a gift.


The Redwood Adventure Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association and operates under a license agreement with The Wilderness Land Trust.





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