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Keeping Wilderness Wild

For more than 20 years The Wilderness Land Trust has been working throughout the West to fulfill the promise to future generations that America’s wilderness areas will remain forever wild.


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Why The Wilderness Land Trust?

Designating a wilderness area does not necessarily make it a whole wilderness. More than 180,000 acres of privately owned properties remain within federal wilderness boundaries.  Were these inholdings to be developed, it would essentially tear a hole in the fabric of the surrounding wilderness. The Wilderness Land Trust is the only national organization dedicated solely to buying these lands and adding them to the National Wilderness Preservation System.







Give to the Sentinel Fund Campaign


There is a 'Sentinel Peak' in 11 states. These peaks keep watch over our wilderness.  So do we.  Help us continue to be the sentinel of our wilderness, Keeping Wilderness Wild. A generous supporter will match every gift you give, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $100,000 each year!  Every acre we acquire, when woven into the fabric of the wilderness, has preserved 109 million acres of irreplaceable wilderness that surrounds it. Please Invest in Keeping Wilderness Wild.  Keep us on station, protecting the fabric of wilderness we have all worked so hard to create.